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Ward Machinery

"Ward Machinery has used Big Boy Rigging for all our machine tool installations, removals, bridge crane installations/relocations and finished product loading that required special handling.


Big Boy has been our only rigger since our first experience with them in 1980. Big Boy shows up with experienced people, proper equipment and gets the job done quickly and safely. The experienced crews work well with Ward employees and a minimum of the daily work routine is interrupted.


We at Ward, see no reason to consider other rigging companies for our jobs, large or small."


-Fred Miller

Industrial Engineering Dept.

Ward Machinery, Inc.

"Big Boy's Rigging has been an asset to us over the last twelve years we have been in business. Many of our customers are power companies, municipalities and large industrial firms. We are a twenty-four hour repair facility with guaranteed ten minute call back response time. When a large unit fails our customers expect to have us pick up the machinery immediately. Delays cause monetary losses to the customer and service deficits to their customers. Therefore, it is essential that when our trucks are not adequate to haul the machinery we can rely on a quality rigging service. Big Boy's Rigging has been our choice for several reasons including their timely response and professional/technical service. The personal relationship Big Boy's has taken the time to establish with us has allowed them to tailor their service to our specific needs. Big Boy's has played an essential part keeping our customers' needs satisfied, and this is paramount to us at T.E.A.M."


"I wanted to let you know that the recent move of the sixty ton punch press went as smoothly as our big move last year.


We are very appreciative of all the effort which was required to permit us to move our entire manufacturing operation last year with very little lost production. With a move of this magnitude we expected some lost time but experienced almost none.


We had the floor in the new plant epoxy coated and your people took great care in protecting the floor from scratches and gouges. Protecting the floor was important to us and your company met our challenge.


This may have been a small move to Big Boy's, but it was the largest move in our company's history. I can assure you that we would refer anyone who needs first class rigging service to call Big Boy's."


-Randy G. Olson


Randy G. Olson